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Welcome to the PharmGenEdTM Website.

What is PharmGenEdTM

"Pharmacogenomics Education Program (PharmGenEd™): Bridging the Gap between Science and Practice" is an evidence-based program designed for healthcare professionals and trainees. The program team at UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences collaborates with healthcare organizations and universities/colleges to design and disseminate educational materials related to pharmacogenomics.

PharmGenEdTM Objectives

The objective of PharmGenEdTM is to increase awareness about the validity and utility of pharmacogenomics tests and the potential implications of their therapeutic use. The evidence-based curriculum, covering pharmacogenomics concepts and clinical applications, is disseminated via:

  • Web-based presentations
  • A shared curriculum platform to "Train-the-Trainer"
  • Live presentations
  • Written articles